Virtually invisible protection from road stones and dirt. Paint Protection Film (PPF) is simply amazing!

This clear layer of self healing Paint Protection Film will protect the paint on the hood, fenders and bumper and more. Nochip, no pitting, no dirt rash, no scratches. Suntek Ultra (also sold under the Llumar brand) is an Eastman Chemical Company product. Eastman has over 40 years experience in the automotive and residential/commercial film industry. Quality you can trust.

clear bra chip guard film examplePictured is the clear Paint Protection Film (PPF) on a fender. (being removed for demonstration purposes). It fits like a skin on your make and model of car or truck. It’s nearly invisible and forms a tough protective barrier keeping rocks, sand and bugs from directly impacting and damaging the painted surface.

Self healing paint protection films have multiple layers, each one serving a different purpose, and with a top coat that is able to smooth out surface stains and scratches when heat is applied.

protective clear film that is really tough and stops stone chipsThe 8 mils ultra PPF consists of the top 0.5 mils low surface energy urethane clear coat that employs elastomeric polymers designed to eliminate minor surface scratches. The 6 mils polyurethane layer beneath that is formulated to have excellent memory when stretched over the vehicle’s surface. The 1.6 mils ultra clear acrylic copolymer is specially formulated to have good tack on the painted surface and rework ability and removability.

Want to prevent stone chips and pitting? Want to keep your vehicle worth more and its front end paint finish looking new? Then get Paint Protection Film from KW PaintShield today. Don’t wait risk any longer…

An example of the film kits and coverage available:

clear protective film for honda civic hood
Honda Civic stone chip protection film

Computer cut film kits for precision and best appearance…

Shown above is a Honda Civic along with the corresponding computer cut film protection kits for the hood, fenders, headlights and front bumper. These clear film protection kits are then professionally installed by KW PaintShield onto the front of the vehicle to protect the paint finish from road dirt and stone chips. This black Honda Civic shown is a real, repeat, customer’s vehicle that came back to KW PaintShield for paint protection film again!

What about full panel film protection? We do that too!

Full hood film, full fender film and we can even wrap the entire car in film paint protection. Below is an example of a full hood film application being done…


Below is a 2019 Hyundai Genesis having Suntek Ultra paint protection film installed on the full hood…

paint protection film 2019 Hyundai Genesis


How is it done?

As example for hood, fenders and bumper film installations, the front of the vehicle is cleaned and dried. The paint is also clay barred to remove any remaining impurities. The panels are again cleaned and dried. Film kits specific for your vehicle are computer cut and prepared for installation. We then apply the film using film application solutions, film tools and the film installers skills and experience. Once installation is complete, the film is inspected once more before final clean up and a coat of protective wax is applied. Yes you can wash and wax the film as normal. Once the film installation passes final inspection the vehicle is ready for return to it’s happy owner!

How long does it take?

For hood and fender film application it generally takes a half day to complete. If the front bumper film kit is also installed or additional areas are to be protected with the film, a full day is needed to finish the work. In some cases for large scale film projects, more time may be required. In most cases you drop of your car and pick it up the same day, hassle free.

How deep of scratch will heal?

The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches and common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the car. If the scratch penetrates through the film’s clear coat, it will not heal.


 Customer testimonial…

“Thanks for the great work and friendly service. The film looks great on my new car and has already prevented stone chips when I drive to work on the highways”
– Kevin S., Kitchener

Ready to protect your vehicle’s paint finish from damaging stones and road debris?