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W PaintShield specializes in premium stone chip protection film and installations.

We offer and install only the highest quality film for your vehicle.

2015 marks KW PaintShield's 9th year serving Waterloo Region (Ontario).

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protect your car paint with 3M film

The Problem? Stones and road dirt that chip the front of your vehicles paint.

The solution... Paint Protection Film from KW PaintShield!

Customer Testimonial:
"Hi Shawn, I've had a few cars done by you and I've recommended a couple of people to you as well... always pleased with your work!" - Lisa A., Kitchener

Back by popular demand!
Premium Shield Elite Film with LIFETIME warranty!

The world's best film and best warranty!
Protect your car or truck with the best!

If you want the best protection film for your vehicle then don't just go by what
the sales guy at the dealership wants to sell you to make a bigger commision.

We only use genuine auto maker approved films with decades of experience and engineering behind them.
Giving you the best protection for years down the road!

Stone chip protection for
Audi, VW, Hyundai, Honda, Ford, Toyota, GM and other makes!

Get your quote now! Email: today.

Some customer vehicles...

Recent customer! 2015 Corvette Stingray.
Premium Shield Elite V2 paint protection film was installed on the hood, fenders and bumper!

2015 Corvette premium shield stone guard clear protective film


Another KW PaintShield customer with a 2015 Subaru Forester for stone chip protection film...

2015 Subaru Forester Premium Shield chip protection film installed


Other customer vehicles examples....

Audi-stone-chip-Film Hyundai Accent stone chip hood film protection VW paint protection film stone chips
Audio Q5 half hood and fenders protection film. Plus rear bumper shelf top (not shown). Hyundai Accent half hood and fenders, with headlight protection film as well! VW stone chip protection film on hood, fender and headlights.


A customer testimonial...

"I brought my two vehicles to Shawn at KW PaintShield for protection film and rust proofing. Very thorough in providing information. The work and service were excellent. A pleasure to deal with! ."
Steve M., Waterloo


Another customer vehicle we installed
stone chip protection film on. Cool colour eh!

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

3m and premium shield paint protection film

Areas protected: partial hood, fenders, headlights and front bumper


Did you know?...

Some auto and performance shops locally as well as dealerships don't actually do film installations. They send it out to installers like KW PaintShield and then mark it up $$, charging you more while having done no work at all.

Why pay the middle man! Save your money, deal direct with the pros - email today for your personalized quote.


See the gallery section for customer vehicles we've installed protection film. It's virtually invisible protection from road debris. Protect your investment today!

Like many customers have said...
its a no brainer, just get it!

You're gonna love this stuff!

As the owner and installer of KW PaintShield I use it on my own vehicles and friends and family have it as well. We trust it and it's better than having no frontal dirt/stone protection at all that leaves pits and chips on your car.

Read more of what I think about paint protection film, the brands out there and other facts about PPF here >


Like at the dealership...
new vehicle no-drip Rust Protection. Don't pay $700+ at the dealer when you can get the same corossion protection for less!

With the cost of new cars these days it makes sense to protect it
and help it last longer against weather and road elements.

Permanent rust proofing undercoating

Permanent rust protection coatings for the underbody
(black undercoat) and topside panels.Photo above shows the black permanent
undercoating applied to half the undercarriage of this car.

Proven rust protection with lifetime warranty coverage!
Protect your vehicle from wet rain, snow, salt, de-icing road
brines and other weather elements. Email KW PAINTSHIELD today
for quotes and application appointments!

For more informationClick here for more information about 3M Ventureshield Protection Film


Another customer testimonial...
"Thanks, Shawn  the car looks great! You guys are great!
That's why I have no problem handing out your (business) card to people." Robert V., K-W area.

Get your quote today and protect your vehicle. The sunny driving days are here and so are stone chips and road dirt beating your cars' paint finish...

Email your vehicle make/model/year today and get a quote or make an appointment:
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KW PaintShield for...
great service, genuine quality products and lifetime warranties!

KW PaintShield provides sales and service in our local area of
Waterloo Region (Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas), Ontario, Canada.



For more information and quotes please contact Shawn at 519-404-3150 or email:

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