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3M Hood Film and PremiumShield Hood Film

Paint Protection Film Installer for Kitchener, Waterloo, Breslau, Cambridge and more!

Permanent Rust Protection and Control - get yours before Winter hits!

Protect your investment. Keep it looking new.
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Now in our 9th year serving KW and surround areas!

protect your car paint with 3M film

KW PaintShield recommends the industry leading
Premium Shield stone chip protection film.

Start protecting your vehicle today from stone chips.
Find out more - read on then email us today and get yours!


Customer vehicle:
2014 VW Jetta with half hood, fenders and headlight Premium Shield protection film.



Customer vehicle:
2014 Toyota Sienna with half hood and fenders Premium Shield protection film installed.



Get it done at KW PaintShield... get it done properly and for less!

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Here's another customer vehicle with Premium Shield stone chip protection film:

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

3m and premium shield paint protection film

Areas protected: partial hood, fenders, headlights and front bumper


See the gallery section for customer vehicles we've installed protection film on.

It's virtually invisible protection from road debris. Protect your investment today!

Like many customers have said...

its a no brainer, just get it!

Considering how much you paid for your new car or truck isn't the investment into protecting from stone chips worth it? Of course it is!

You're gonna love this stuff!

As the owner and installer of KW PaintShield I use it on my own vehicles and friends and family have it as well. We trust it and it's better than having no frontal dirt/stone protection at all that leaves pits and chips on your car. Read more of what I think about paint protection film, the brands out there and other facts about it here >


Like at the dealership...
new vehicle no-drip Permanent Rust Protection. Don't pay $700+ at the dealer when you can get the same corossion protection for less!

With the cost of new cars these days it makes sense to protect it
and help it last longer against weather and road elements.

Permanent rust proofing undercoating

Permanent rust protection coatings for the underbody
(black undercoat) and topside panels.Photo above shows the black permanent
undercoating applied to half the undercarriage of this car.

Proven rust protection with lifetime warranty coverage!
Protect your vehicle from wet rain, snow, salt, de-icing road
brines and other weather elements. Email KW PAINTSHIELD today
for quotes and application appointments!

For more informationClick here for more information about 3M Ventureshield Protection Film

Did you know?   Permanent Rust Proofing and Undercoating from KW PaintShield is automaker and OEM approved. It will NOT void your standard auto-maker warranty. In fact no rust proofing will void an automakers standard warranty. Our permanent rust protection is like the dealership market product and comes with a lifetime corroision warranty.

Our 3M and PremiumShield Paint Protection Films are genuine and latest generation product from the manufacturer. It comes with full manufacturer warranty. We sell and install for less!

A customer testimonial...
"Thanks, Shawn  the car looks great! You guys are great!
That's why I have no problem handing out your (business) card to people." Robert V., K-W area.

KW PaintShield for...
great service, genuine quality products and lifetime warranty!
KW PaintShield provides sales and service in our local area of
Waterloo Region (Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding areas), Ontario, Canada.


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